A Charitable Trust formed by

Dr. Allamraju Ramasastri

in memory of parents

Allamraju Suryanarayana Murthy
Allamraju Subbalakshmi

(The Trust does NOT seek Any Donations)

From Chairman’s Desktop

I started the, 

Allamraju Charitable Trust (ACT) 

Exactly a year back as

Respectful gratitude to my parents and

Repayment to the society which nurtured me.

During the year, ACT took a few baby steps in providing assistance to

Students, teachers and schools

To Enable, Enrich, and Empower the young students

To move forward in their lives with good education.

The activities undertaken by the Trust are updated on this website.

Our focus is on education and we will continue with similar activities in coming years.

You can contact us at allamrajutrust@gmail.com.

Dr. A. S. Ramasastri,

January 08, 2023

Our Vision

To Enrich, Enable & Enhance in the area of Education